Mr. Eazi creates an amorous time capsule on, ‘One Day You Will Understand’ [EP Review]

In 10 minutes, Mr. Eazi delivers tunes for wedding season across Africa – sadly, COVID-19 has to pass first though.

Mr. Eazi releases new 4-track EP, 'One Day You Will Understand.' (Twitter/MrEazi)
Mr. Eazi releases new 4-track EP, ‘One Day You Will Understand.’ (Twitter/MrEazi)

When we were teenagers, some of us fell in love with the entirety of our exuberance and childish confidence that it was going to last forever – well, they seldom last forever. That never stops anyone from likening vibrant love stories to ‘teenage love’ though. Teenage love has a careless aura and a envious loyalty about it.

In the heat of teenage love, we all have those ‘rituals’ to mark the love stories. For some, it comes in gifts and jewelry and for others, it comes as cute notes, formed from words brimming with unidentified pheromones. Those notes are then kept in ‘secret places’ to be revisited at a later date.

On his new four-track EP, One Day You Will Understand Mr. Eazi might be singing about scenarios involving adults, but the essence and innocence of it reminds one of teenage love; like words written down and placed in a time capsule. Even the title of the EP feels like a promise or the amorous version of ‘futures’ in finance.

It seems he’s saying, ‘One day you will understand how much I love you’ because the EP follows that concept. The EP also sees the inevitability of male hormones – lust.

In 10 minutes, Mr. Eazi delivers tunes for wedding season across Africa – sadly, COVID-19 has to pass first though. Parts of ‘Baby I’m Jealous‘ might have been delivered in Twi, but the central theme is clear just as its happy production strikes positive chords – Mr. Eazi and King Promise embody the character of grown men driven by love-filled jealousy.

The Blaq Jerzee-produced ‘I No Go Give Up On You‘ is special music that is destined to age like fine wine from the finest Spanish vineyards. “Dem nor dey propose for club, but your body put me on the spot…” is a quotable for days. ‘I Nor God Give Up On You‘ might seem ominous about an existing love affair, but it’s not.

Instead, it’s about a chance at a genuine love affair that could sleep away of Eazi‘s character doesn’t ‘shoot his shot.’ So, he’s saying, ‘Although, it will be hard to shoot my shot in a club, but I won’t give up on you simply because it could be awkward to make a move.’

‘Ogogoro Nor Sweet Pass Pami’ is more Afro&B that’s built on guitar-rich and bass-rich Hi-life inspired-music. ‘Ogogoro’ is the Nigerian version of Gin. ‘Pami’ also means ‘Palmwine.’ Thus, this song is built on an analogy that becomes a symbolism for a pristine nature of a woman’s body and curves.

Eazi sings in pidgin that, “Your body sweet pass ogogoro, ogogoro nor sweet pass pami o. Girl your body sweet pass water and water nor get enemy…” In essence, Eazi is saying that, ‘If your body is sweeter than water and water doesn’t have an enemy, then your body is worthy of my desire.” That’s just amazing songwriting.

Baby This Your Body Na Gòbe Fine Fine Sweet Òkpéke‘ is the quintessential lamba from the staple of Legendury Beatz. More than anything, this song is a melodious diary of vanity and lust featuring C Natty.

Final Thoughts

This EP lacks very little flaws by thought or execution – the music is an amazing experience. Music like this can only be determined by shock value and enjoyment for the listener and it provides both. We move.

Ratings: /10

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Pulse Rating: /10

7.5 – Victory

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