Nigerian Lady Sacked From Hotel For Reporting Attempted Rape By Indian Boss, Sanjiv Raut

According to a report by our source, the management of Atlantic Hotels, Lagos sacked one its female worker who accused another employee; an Indian National, Sanjiv Raut of sexual harassment.

The hotel located at 4, Adeleke Adedoyin Street, Victoria Island, Lagos is allegedly owned and managed by Indian nationals.

Sanjiv Raut had entered the room of his intended victim and tried to rape her before she overpowered him, pushed him to the wall, slapped him and escaped.

She thereafter reported the incident on the Whatsapp group of the Hotel but was rewarded with a sack letter the next day.

According to a source within the hotel who did not want to be named, this is not the first time Raut will attempt to rape a female hotel staff. The source alleged that the Indian has carried on a tradition of sexual assault on female staff members for a while.

“The lady was recently harassed by Sanjiv Raut inside the hotel’s kitchen this week. “As the lady was about entering the kitchen, Raut started calling her sweet names, so she responded and asked if he wanted some chocolate she was eating but he declined. “As she turned to leave the kitchen, Raut smacked her buttocks with his hand in the presence of other staff and started laughing. “He has from time to time harassed other Nigerian female staff at the hotel and some even get sacked for speaking up. “This particular lady has been crying for the humiliation because if she reports to the management they will sack her instead of punishing the Indian.

“We are all tired of this sexual harassment by this Indian on daily basis,” the source said.

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