All the new Animal Crossing bugs to catch this September

The changing of a month can only mean one thing for those obsessed with Animal Crossing: new bugs to catch this September.

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Now that it’s September, more bugs will be popping up on your island, but the majority of them this month are returning critters from earlier in the year.

This gives players a chance to catch them if they missed a couple during the first run and there are some brand new critters to grab.

Without further ado, here are all the new bugs to collect around your picturesque island…

New bugs to catch this September

Critters found on the ground

  • Cricket: available from 5pm to 8am. Crickets will be appearing around the ground of your island now, keep an ear out!
  • Bell cricket: available from 5pm to 8am. You’ll find these little fellas on the ground, so don’t go sprinting around everywhere.

Critters found on trees

  • Violin beetle: available all day. These appear specifically on tree stumps, so start chopping them down if you want them to appear.

Critters found on rocks

  • Pillbug: available from 11pm to 4pm. Pillbugs are back! You can find these by hitting rocks with your shovel, sometimes they will fly off and curl up and then try to crawl away.
  • Centipede: available from 4pm to 11pm. Another returning bug, you have a chance to see one pop out of a rock after hitting it or destroying one.

Critters flying around

  • Common butterfly: available from 4am to 7pm. Can be found flying around your island.
  • Yellow butterfly: available from 4am to 7pm. Hard to miss them dotted around!
  • Monarch butterfly: available from 4am to 5pm. Very easy to spot the difference between the other butterflies.
  • Red dragonfly: available from 8am to 7pm. Extremely easy to spot among the other dragonflies, this one has a red body.

That’s it for all the new bugs available, make sure you catch em’ all this month to grow your museum and complete your Critterpedia.

As mentioned above, a few of these bugs are returning to your island after previously being available in the past, which is a great chance to collect anything you might’ve missed the first time around.

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