Deacon-Virtually Famous

We generally give short shrift to the songwriting efforts of the children of musicians, and even shorter shrift to actors who release their own music.

Where does that leave the musical children of actors? Deacon Phillippe has at least secured the kind of early celebrity endorsements that should encourage people to check out the 16-year-old’s debut single, Long Run.

“Stream it non-stop for me. So proud of you,” wrote his dad, Ryan Phillippe, on Instagram. Mum Reese Witherspoon gave the song an even more enthusiastic plug: “It’s the perfect summer bop with a sick beat and dope drops (is that what the kids say?!)” she gushed to her 23.9 million followers.

It is indeed the kind of light, sunshiney fare that regularly appears on YouTube playlists illustrated with a still image of a woman in a bikini: dancey in structure and sound while actually being too slow to dance to. It has a lot in common with the “tropical house” sound of Norwegian DJ Kygo, who shares a record label with Deacon. The young newcomer provides the production, while Scottish co-writer Nina Nesbitt sings.

The Hollywood glitz has undoubtedly ushered him to the front of the queue. With future releases it will become apparent whether he can stay there.

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