Google has revealed new Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G phone range

Google has just announced its latest range of Pixel phones – the Pixel 4a with 5G and the Pixel 5.

The tech giant revealed the new Google Pixel phones during a special live stream called Launch Night in.

Alongside the phones, we got an extended look at a brand new Google Nest audio device and Google Chromecast TV features coming soon.

Google Pixel 5 will begin at £599 with pre-orders available today, while the Pixel 4a with 5G will begin at £499. The Pixel 5 will be on sale from October 15 while the 4a will come out on November 11.

Here is a closer look at both of the phones and more announced during the event.

Google Pixel 5 with 5G

According to Google the new Pixel phones will launch with the “biggest battery ever”, lasting up to 48 hours with the help of a new feature called Extreme Power Saver.

This feature lets you pick and choose where the phone is expending battery usage, so you can keep it running for longer.

Obviously, the biggest pull is the 5G capabilities, which is the latest in mobile technology, bringing the fastest possible downloads and streaming speeds to users when you’re out and about, not connected to wifi.

Both the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a will come with the same camera, which offers a wide variety of features for any budding photographer.

The ultra-wide lens will let you capture stunning vistas while the Night Light mode will allow for crystal clear snaps in low lighting.

You’ll also be able to make full use of the new editor in Google Photos, which can help you add studio-quality light to your portraits of people with the Portrait Light setting.

Pre-orders for the Pixel 5 are open now, September 30 and the phone will be released on October 15.

The Pixel 4a with 5G is just a newer version of the existing 4a, but it comes with 5G compatibility and the same camera as the newly-announced 5. It will be slightly smaller than the normal Pixel 5, and it will launch with one colour – Just Black

Pre-orders for the Pixel 4a are open now and the phone will be released on November 19.

Where to buy Pixel 5

Where to buy Pixel 4a with 5G

Also announced during the show is the Google Nest Audio, which will be on sale October 15 for £89 and a Chromecast with Google TV for £59.

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