Apple fans fume as new iPhone 12 is sold without earphones in box

Apple’s “eco-aware” decision to sell its new iPhone 12 handsets without earphones or a power adaptor in the box has caused dismay among fans.

Tim Cook unveiled the tech giant’s latest 5G-ready smartphones at a launch event streamed from Apple Park in California last night.

But with the cheapest Mini selling at £699 and the range topping out with the £1,099 Pro Max, customers were angry the accessories were not included.

A charging cable comes in the box to link to a computer, but users must buy a £39 wireless magnetic charger or a £19 wall adaptor.

They are also being steered towards AirPods at £159 to £249, or £19 for wired earbuds.

A fresh pair of wired earbuds was once included in every iPhone box (Getty Images)

The move away from including chargers and earphones is meant to reduce Apple’s carbon footprint.

But one tech support worker said: “new iPhone, new rip-off”.

London right-to-repair campaigner Ugo Vallauri, co-founder of the Restart Project, said: “When we talk about electronic waste, the main culprit is the phone, not the charger, so we would like Apple to make all parts and repair information available to all.”

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