Food for London Now: Melissa Hemsley concocts a tempest and argues: Do what you can to support our incredible allure

Celebrity gourmet expert Melissa Hemsley applauded our Christmas advance saying it will assist families with overcoming a “hard, cool winter” as she cooked and conveyed 300 hot suppers for those out of luck.

The top of the line food essayist started her day getting ready broiled aubergine, chickpea curries and Bombay potatoes close by 50 volunteers from our cause accomplice, With Compassion, at the London Scottish House.

She stated: “Everybody here strives to offer back to those out of luck — it has been a genuine cooperation and it’s simply astonishing to see everybody have an impact. Regardless of how enormous or little — whether it’s the dishes, setting up the food or storing the crates — it’s a collaboration.”

The Leytonstone-based culinary specialist visited the Victoria kitchen which was loaned to us for our mission to help feed weak Londoners. It gives a lift to our month-long Christmas request that will see the Standard, alongside our accomplice, the Felix Project, send two cutting edge food trucks — conveying free food across London. Hemsley likewise joined our volunteers at the Muslim Welfare House in Finsbury Park.

Hisham Bettayeb, an outreach officer for the organisation, said: “Everyday at 2pm we serve food here to families from different circumstances — those who cannot afford it, those who may be homeless or who’ve been heavily affected by the pandemic and lost their jobs. We’ve seen a lot more people coming in for food during this lockdown — there are lots of families unable to feed their children — so together  we’re trying to help everyone we can.”

The 24-year-old added that close to 700 people a day depend on their centre for hot meals. He added: “We’ve been able to get help from the charity in terms of capacity for good nutritious food and this allows us to continue feeding those who need it most.”

One example was a mother of six who lost her job at the start of the pandemic and was “really struggling”. Mr Bettayeb said the woman was so grateful for the food that she was in tears.

The black trucks, supplied by Food Truck Masters, have delivered hundreds of meals to charities in north and west London. Hemsley, who has volunteered with Felix in her spare time for two years, said: “I found it almost impossible not to get involved in this amazing campaign.

“If you can make the time then you should because I know how extra hands just make such a difference. It is going to be a hard, cold winter and more people need this help more than ever. I feel I’m doing a very minor role in what is going to be a big operation and that is going to make so much impact.”

This month and next, we will deliver food directly to 1,000 people a day through our partner With Compassion. Please donate at

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