FCCPC supports uncertain suspension of restorative specialist Dr Anu

The Federal Competiton and Consumer Protection Commission has endorsed the uncertain suspension of a Cosmetic Surgeon, Anuoluwapo Adepoju, suggested by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

“The Federal Competiton and Consumer Protection Commission invites the Medical and Dental Council’s choice to force break measures suspending Dr. Anuoluwapo Adepoju uncertainly from rehearsing medication forthcoming full and last demeanor of disciplinary procedures,

“Each activity whether interval or last that forestalls the danger of injury to patients/purchasers and additionally mitigates the agony and enduring of residents because of injury by makers or specialist co-ops is a significant part of a bigger exertion to secure residents.”

The commission further stated that it finds MDCN actions on the doctor commendable and noted that the suspension would persist pending the full disposition of disciplinary proceedings.

In April, Nigerians on Twitter called for the arrest of Adepoju after a failed operation on a Twitter influencer known as Omohtee.

Some other patients also complained about having complications that they still suffer from and it was reported that one particular patient eventually died after being operated upon by the doctor.

LUTH also petitioned the medical panel following the death of one of Adepoju’s patient who had complications during a cosmetic procedure.

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