Ishaku regrets constitution, rehashes call for state police in consequence of #EndSARS fights

Lamenting the vulnerability of state CEOs to draft security specialists in season of conflict, Taraba State Governor Darius Ishaku, has depicted the 1999 Constitution as “inadequate.”

During a statewide tour of damaged structures and looted warehouses in the aftermath of the #EndSARS protests yesterday, he partly blamed the development for the escalation of the demonstrations.

Deploring the inability of security operatives to contain the unrest and check the looting early in the day, Ishaku noted: “Our constitution is defective. It is true we copied the American constitution, but we copied it wrongly. It is wrong not to allow state governments to have control over security agencies in their states, especially the police.”

The governor, who also condemned the violence and pillaging of COVID-19 palliatives that followed the nationwide marches, pleaded with the Federal Government and humanitarian agencies to assist his state in fixing the vandalised properties and restoring the stolen goods.

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