Ogunsanwo, Nigeria’s acclaimed editorialist soaks up the adoration

The death of Gbolabo Ogunsanwo, Nigeria’s most captivating columnist, who rewrote history as Editor of Sunday Times of the 1970s, marks the end of an era. Ogunsanwo, who passed on yesterday, had endeared the heart of many through his celebrated style of writing that nettled bad leaders and won applause from the public.

The cerebral writer, who coined the very famous phrase If you ‘Tarka me I will Daboh you,’ was at the time both the Editor of the mass circulating Sunday Times (selling about a million copies every Sunday) and Acting Editor of Daily Times.

Based on records, the great Ogunsanwo took Sunday Times to a height never reached thereafter by any weekly paper in Nigeria.

Though his passage was silent, but in literary sense, his voice was loud, considering his series of classic columns to whip indolent leaders, keep the ordinary man in high spirits and illuminate the dark alley of a political scene.

Those were the days long before the advent of the social media and the all-knowing Google. Newspapers were the source of solid hard news and entertaining writing

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