Amazon Quiz Answers Today November 04.12.2020.

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 04 December 2020 and Win Exciting Prizes Amazon Pay. Amazon India conducts online Amazon Quiz on its app from time to time to engage their users online and the winners of the quizzes often get the chance to win prizes and cashback offers, mostly through lucky draws with terms & conditions. The app provides important GK questions & answers which are expected to be asked in these platforms or have been asked in these platforms. To participate in the quiz and win today’s prize, please Download the Amazon App here.

Amazon Quiz Answers for 04th December 2020

Question 1: 
Answer: To be Released

Question 2: 

Answer: To be Released

Question 3: 

Answer: To be Released

Question 4: 

Answer: To be Released

Question 5: 
Answer: To be Released

Amazon Quiz Answers for 03rd December 2020

Question 1: The Wildlife Institute of India, along with the Gujarat Forest Department is going to relocate which animal in different parts of India?
Answer: Asiatic Lion

Question 2: The head of state of which country was the host of the 2020 BRICS summit, conducted virtually?

Answer: Russia

Question 3: What are PARAM Siddhi and Mihir from India, that feature in a Global list of top 500 of their kind?

Answer: Supercomputers

Question 4: This food item is popularly called what?

Answer: French Fries

Question 5: This phenomenon is seen in the Southern Hemisphere. What is it called?
Answer: Aurora Australis

Amazon Quiz Answers for 02nd December 2020

Question 1: A Promised Land’ is a recent memoir released by which famous personality?
Answer: Barack Obama

Question 2: India’s longest single-lane motorable suspension bridge was recently opened in which state?

Answer: Uttarakhand

Question 3: Tigray Region, which is in the news due to an ongoing armed conflict, is the northernmost region of which African country?

Answer: Ethiopia

Question 4: This is the model of a vehicle that landed where?

Answer: On the Moon

Question 5: Identify the musical instrument from this picture.
Answer: Piano

Amazon Quiz Answers for 01st December 2020

Question 1: Power Surge’ and ‘X-Factor player’ are two of the innovations brought for the upcoming season by which T20 league?
Answer: Big Bash League

Question 2: Which country successfully launched the world’s first 6G experimental satellite in November 2020?

Answer: China

Question 3: Esther Duflo is only the second woman to win the Nobel Prize in which category?

Answer: Economics

Question 4: The man on screen made a cameo in which of these movies?

Answer: Home Alone 2

Question 5: This picture is taken in the streets of which country?
Answer: Sweden

Amazon Quiz Answers for 30th November 2020

Question 1: India’s first roll-on roll-off passenger ferry (Ro Pax) service was launched between Hazira and Ghogha in which state?
Answer: Gujarat

Question 2: Whose record of becoming the year end World No. 1 for six years, did Novak Djokovic equal in 2020?

Answer: Pete Sampras

Question 3: King Rama X is the reigning monarch of which country?
Answer: Thailand

Question 4: Which of these royal titles features in a popular item sold by this company in India?
Answer: Maharaja

Question 5: Which company gets its name from this great scientist?
Answer: Tesla

Amazon Quiz Answers for 29th November 2020

Question 1: As of November 2020, ‘One Rank One Pension’ Scheme in India Benefits Which of the Following Groups of People?
Answer: Armed Forces Veterans

Question 2: Which Popular App Recently Launched UPI Payment Services in India in November 2020?
Answer: Whatsapp

Question 3: Known in Turkey as Ege Deniz, This Arm of the Mediterranean Sea Is in the News for a Natural Disaster. Which Sea Is This?
Answer: Aegean Sea

Question 4: Which of These Games Is Most Likely to Be Played Using the Objects Shown in the Picture?
Answer: Poker

Question 5: Which of These Actors Is Known for Voicing This Character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Answer: Vin Diesel

Amazon Quiz Answers for 28th November 2020

Question 1: Which organisation recently launched new platforms to facilitate cybercrime-related communication among law enforcement agencies?

Answer: Interpol

Question 2: OWNDAYS, a Japanese brand who has recently forayed into India with a series of retail stores, sells which of the following?

Answer: Eyewear

Question 3: Which country’s parliament appoints the committee that selects the winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace?

Answer: Norway

Question 4: What is the total number of dots that are there on both the dice?

Answer: 42

Question 5: This delicacy is eaten so quickly that in local language its name means “flash of lightning”. Name it.

Answer: Eclair

Overview of Amazon Quiz Today Contest:

Amazon Quiz Date 04 December 2020
Time of Quiz 8.00 am – 12.00 pm
Quiz Name Amazon Quiz
Amazon Quiz Prize Amount Exciting Prizes
Quiz available on Amazon Mobile App
Announcement of Winners Next month

How to Enter Amazon Quiz 04 December 2020 Contest?

The Amazon Quiz 04 December 2020 Contest will commence on 04 December. Here is what you should know about the Amazon Quiz 04 December 2020 Contest.

  • The contest will begin from 8.00 am (IST) To 12.00 pm. (IST)
  • Download the Amazon App here 
  • In order to eligible for the Contest, you must sign-in to or sign-up from an Amazon account.
  • After signing in, you can participate by navigating to the Amazon Quiz page, where 5  Questions will be posted during the entire Contest Period.
  • If you answer correctly, you will be entitled to a lucky draw. The lucky draw will be carried out amongst participants who have answered that particular Quiz contest correctly.
  • The declared winners of the quiz contest will be eligible to get Exciting Prizes.
  • 04 December 2020 winners will be awarded Exciting Prizes.

How to Play Amazon Quiz 04 December 2020 Contest?

Amazon Quiz contest can be played in the Amazon App only. Hence, every candidate who wants to participate in the quiz contest must download the Amazon app. The contest is available on Android or iOS.

  • Download the Amazon App here 
  • Go to Google play store or Apple store and download Amazon App.
  • Open and Sign in to the Amazon App.
  • Go to Amazon Home Page and Scroll Down to click “04 December 2020” Banner
  • Tap on it and start playing.

What is Amazon Quiz Contest?

Amazon Quiz Contest is an App-only contest that is conducted daily by Amazon India and It starts from morning 8 AM to 12 Noon every day. Candidates can participate in the quiz contest and win exciting Price Daily. The winners of the Amazon Daily Quiz contest are selected using the lucky draw. The winners’ list will be announced on the 30th of every month.

Other Events:

Amazon also runs a Special quiz on Various occasions. All can participate in the Contest and get a chance to win Exciting Prizes. Mostly, all of the Amazon quizzes have five questions. Amazon app provides important General Knowledge questions & answers to help the participants gain knowledge and other skills.

How to Submit Today’s Amazon Quiz answers?

Amazon Quiz Contest is an Amazon App-Only Quiz. Candidates who want to participate in the game must download Amazon App from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore.

  • Download the Amazon App here 
  • Open Amazon App and Login into your account (If you don’t have one, register, and login).
  • After login, Search for Quiz or Click here to go to the Amazon Quiz page.
  • Click on the Quiz banner if you want to take part.
  • The quiz will begin after you click on the “Start” button.
  • Check 5 questions in the Amazon Quiz.
  • Candidates give correct answers to all the 5 questions to win Exciting Prizes.

After successful Submission, you will enter Lucky Draw.

The Amazon Quiz Winners of the lucky draw list will be available on the 30th of every month. If you are lucky, you will win cool and Exciting Prizes in Today’s Amazon Quiz!

More About Amazon Quiz – Answers

1.  What is the Amazon quiz questions based on?

The amazon quiz questions are generally based on current affairs and general knowledge. This allows anyone to answer the questions easily.

2. When is the contest conducted?

The amazon quiz contest period is from 8 am to 12 PM every day. The quiz will be published in the Amazon app that can be accessed by anyone who has an Amazon account

3. When will amazon announce its winners?

Amazon quiz results are generally declared on the last date of the month. Those winners of a particular quiz are contacted on the same day (the day on which that particular quiz held) by Amazon via email/SMS.

4. What is the trick to winning the prize?

You will have a chance to win the prize money when you answer all the five questions correctly. The answer to any quiz is available on Google. So, why fear when Google is here.

5. Who can participate in the contest?

An Indian resident aged above 18 can participate in the amazon quiz contest. People who are closely related to amazon or its employees are not allowed to participate in the contest.

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