Nandi Madida’s Sweet Note About Nanny

Days back, Mzansi Nandi Madida took to Twitter to applaud her babysitter, who she didn’t name, for thinking often about her.

Nandi Madida noted at the start that she was hesitant to tweet such things due to the manner in which individuals generally scrutinized her activity on Twitter. Anyway, she chooses to post on the stage finally.

According to Nandi Madida, when she was late returning home, her nanny had called her to find out if she was okay. She indeed was. Is. As she explained, there was an accident on her way back home which caused a traffic jam along the way.

She finally made it home, thankful to have such a nanny, who she describes as the best.

By the way, Nandi Madida was one of the actresses on Beyoncé’s flick Black Is King.  She had played the role of Nala. Long after the film was released, she showed off a customized gift from Beyoncé and her team, excitedly stating how grateful she was for the personalized present.

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