6 Nigerian Comedy Skit Makers That Are Not Into Yahoo-Yahoo

6 Nigerian Comedy Skit Makers That Are Not Into Yahoo-Yahoo (No. 4 Is Very Hardworking)

There is a prevalent view right now that, around 70 Percent Of Nigerian Skit producers on Instagram are probably going to be hurray young men or Yahoo young ladies.

On the off chance that they are not completely into Yahoo-Yahoo, they will likely do broker for full-time hurray young men or be a loader or picker all things considered.

In the conflict against monetary wrongdoings, EFCC has discovered numerous Nigerian adolescents being an offender. At the point when the breeze of capture began blowing into media outlets, IG production creators, Adeherself and Pankeeroy have been captured.

The path a portion of these drama creators parade their extraordinary ways of life, bunks, and vehicles via online media, you will think satire production making is the new cash blast.

A couple of Nigerian production creators are really carrying on with a way of life that looks ordinary thinking about what they do as online comic substance makers.

The following Are Top 7 Nigerian Comedy Skit Makers That Are Not Into Yahoo-Yahoo:-

1. Mc Lively

There is an unmistakable sentimentality between his way of life and that of his parody storylines.

Mc Lively has figured out how to keep up his position as the main jobless counselor. A profession way he picks and got a degree for and furthermore went to graduate school for a year.

The compensation he was being paid subsequent to being called to bar drove him into doing his youth energy with the presence of his adulthood picked vocation.

Attorney Mike as he is affectionately called has been known completely for doing amusing dramas with happenings in the country and state of a normal Nigerian youth.

This has pushed numerous brands towards him. He has highlighted in various motion pictures and has figured out how to get himself far from outrages.

The type of individuals he jobs with says a ton regarding his character of being a genuine drama creator.

Starting a year ago December, he had the option to purchase simply a Toyota Sienna vehicle for his folks. He has definitely no record of purchasing a vehicle for himself and has no set of experiences of living a lot of extravagance life.

The sort of way of life he lives is as yet accepted to be subsidized by the level he has accomplished in the satire circle.

2. Mr. Marcaroni

Debo Adebayo who is popularly known as Mr. Macaroni is one of the Nigerian Instagram comedian, actor, and activist whose strength mostly rely on the gram.

History made us understand that he has been in acting for a very long time before making a name in recent years with the scope of freaking big girls’ accounts which always ends in tears.

Nigerians accept his idea of skit making and stick to him.

Mr. Macaroni does not seem to be involved in anything internet fraud as he hasn’t been seeing in a luxury lifestyle or acquires something questionable despite earning big through advertisements.

You’ll agree with me that Mr. Macaroni is a perfect celebrity to make the list of people that will lose their major source of income if all social media platform shut down.

3. Broda Shaggi

Samuel A Perry, popularly known as Broda Shaggi is one of the hardest workers in the game of comedy acting on the Internet.

He started from a very humble beginning and his consistency has helped him gather a huge fanbase across all social platforms.

Broda Shaggi‘s brand has grown to the extent that he gets 1million views easily on YouTube which can turn into a good amount of money for him.

He has featured in some best-selling movies and also has some huge brand endorsement to his name.

If Broda Shaggi buys a 35million Naira Benz today, he is worth it based on the work he has put in over the years.

The energy Broda Shaggi put into this comedy skit making work is as if his life depends on it and that’s what it is.

4. Taooma

Maryam Apaokagi widely known as Taooma is unarguably one of the most hardworking Instagram skit makers in Nigeria.

For the past 2 years, she has been on top of her games and making herself one of the most sought-after influencers in Nigeria.

Currently, Taaoma charges Brands nothing less than 1 Million Naira to make up a skit advertising their products for them.

Her social lifestyle on the Gram was well analyzed and its coherently align with her calculated net worth.

Taaoma who mostly travels around the world with her Lover, Abula a renowned video director and filmmaker made it to our list of Nigerian skit makers that we think are not into Yahoo Yahoo.

She is really not one of them.

5. Mark Angel

Mark Angel is probably one of the richest legit comedians and skit makers in Nigeria.

Unlike other comedians, he’s got a very large organic fanbase on YouTube where people from all around the work watch every single comedy video he drops on his channel.

Mark Angel Comedy is a proper comedy agency making money legitimately from making millions of people all over the world laugh.

His Character and Emmanuella’s role in most comedy videos have made millions for them.

With many local and international endorsement deals, Mark Angel is one of the few skit makers that are legit making the muller.

6. Craze Clown

Emmanuel Ogonna is popularly known Craze Clown and plays a role of Papa Ade in his comedy skits.

He started his skit-making career many years ago while he was studying Medicine in Ukraine. His habit of tearing Ade slaps in comedy skits is always fun to watch.

His creative madness has earned him a working relationship with many big brands in Nigeria and he has never flaunted a lifestyle that raises any suspicion of being involved in Yahoo-Yahoo.



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